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Authentic Italian Restaurants of Sharjah

September 25, 2020
How frequently have you been craving a slice of pizza or some yummy hot pasta? With the lockdown measures slowly easing up, you can now take the time to head outdoors and enjoy your favourite cuisine. Dine-in, take-out or deliver straight to your doorstep to avoid all the hassle, and enjoy some decadent Italian cuisine in the Emirate of Sharjah. Don’t forget to take a walk at the local park to burn away all the calories and stay fit!
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Experience an Arabian Summer in Sharjah

August 18, 2020
As an Emirate of UAE, the city of Sharjah enjoys the benefit of being labelled as a popular historic city. But besides the city’s innumerable galleries, Sharjah is also just a road trip away from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you are bored of sitting indoors, then read more to find out how to explore and navigate around the city, and enjoy the outdoors, while still having fun in the summer heat.
Thumbnail for Incredibly Educating Museums in Sharjah

Incredibly Educating Museums in Sharjah

July 17, 2020
Dubai and Abu Dhabi may be popular as tourist destinations from a tourist's point of view, but the quiet city of Sharjah is a true gem for history lovers. There are plenty of places to explore and watch the stunning city views from some amazing spots. While you step out after lockdown, take time to visit the best museums in the city to educate yourself and your children, regarding the city you are staying in.
Thumbnail for Explore Sharjah with Exciting Outdoor Activities

Explore Sharjah with Exciting Outdoor Activities

June 22, 2020
With the lockdown restrictions easing up you can now plan some outdoor activities in Sharjah and enjoy living in the rich country of the United Arab Emirates. While Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the best places to experience some fun activities with your kids, we have written down a list of fun ways to enjoy the outdoors in this Emirate. Take your kids out, hang out with your friends and even explore the fun city sights all on your own!

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