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Sharjah & UAE Jobs list

Applying for a job in Sharjah

Sharjah is indeed a historic city of the United Arab Emirates, but the fast expansion of its neighbouring Emirates Dubai and Abu Dhabi has led to a lot of job opportunities rising in this city. The economy is largely dependent on the expat population who come to work and stay and advance their skills. And because of the recent tourism boom in the other Emirates, Sharjah is also getting plenty of attractive deals and packages to enjoy the Arabian destination.

The main thing you require to work in the United Arab Emirates is to first get a position from an appropriate recruitment agency and get hired in a company that would be willing to sponsor your visa.

What Jobs in Abu Dhabi are Available?

Jobs in Sharjah are varied and provide plenty of young and experienced people with job opportunities for you to check out. Here are the popular employment fields in the city.

  • IT and education sector
  • Hospitality / Hotel industry
  • Financial sector
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Construction industry
  • Marine industry
  • Translators
  • Aviation industry
  • Healthcare
  • Service industry

Is Sharjah a good place to work?

As compared to other Emirates, Sharjah is more conservative in its outlook, although the Arabic city does provide rules and leniency to expats staying, working and respecting the local culture.

Sharjah prides itself on being a safe place to live and work. Aside from being affordable, this relatively quiet Emirate is a good place for anyone, even lone working women to walk alone on the streets at night. There are strict rules and regulations enforced in the country and the Arab laws are plenty and enforced strictly which is why there is a low crime rate in the city.

Also, similar to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the working days in Sharjah also begin from Sunday and end on Thursday with Fridays and Saturdays being holidays.

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