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Sharjah, UAE » Entertainment » Sports

Some sports activities are fast becoming a favourite pastime among the locals as well as the visitors/tourists. Some of the major sporting activities in the city include chess tournaments, camel racing, canoeing, car rallying, cricket, squash, ice-skating, tennis, swimming, sailing and shooting or Archery.



The world famous Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium is situated in Sharjah. It was originally constructed in 1980 and further renovated in 2002. It can accommodate 27,000 people at a time. Sharjah ground was the venue for 198 One Day international cricket matches. It also hosts local and Bukhatir League matches. This ground is very popular amongst the South Asians as well as the United Arab Emirates.


Tennis is becoming a favourite sport among the locals. Training sessions and coaching facilities are arranged by all major tennis clubs in the city. Some league matches are also organized annually between Sharjah and Dubai.


The city has only one golf club that is associated with the Sharjah Wanderers Sports Club. This 18-hole golf course is located at intersection 5 on the Sharjah/Al Dhaid Road. Many competitions are arranged regularly by the club.


An amazing national sized rink set is available in the nice grounds of Sharjah Women’s Club. Ladies and children can get coaching at the club. Boys below 10 years of age, can also enter and enjoy skating at the rink of Sharjah Women’s Club.

Sand Skiing:

Sand skiing is also becoming an enjoyable sporting activity in Sharjah. For sand skiing, Sharjah has lots of excellent ski spots. The ski spot situated half way to Hatta is well known as ‘Big Red’ which is very popular with the ski riders.

Horse Riding:

Horse riding is a traditional and popular sports activity among the locals as well as the visitors/tourists. The Arab horse thoroughbred is famous throughout the world. Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club situated just 20 minutes from the city provides riding and racing facilities. Experienced riders can enjoy events like covering dressage, show jumping, stable management and endurance racing. Some tour operators offer hacks and desert trails regularly.

Horse Racing:

The racecourse of the Sharjah city has a grandstand accommodating 1,500 people. It also offers extra-ordinary spectator facilities. Enjoy catering services provided by the racecourse authorities at the venue.


Enjoy some exciting hikes on the wonderful mountains and wadis situated around the city of Sharjah. Do not forget to carry water and sun cream whilst on trek.


Squash is another popular sport in Sharjah. UAE Squash Racquets Association situated in the city organizes the Dubai/Sharjah Squash League. Visitors can get a chance to play squash at some of the clubs.


The annual mixed 11’s and 7 a-side hockey competitions for adults and inter-school competitions for children are arranged by the Sharjah Wanderers Sports Club. Training sessions are also organized by the club.


The Sharjah Wanderers Sports Club organizes weekly rugby training sessions under the supervision of trained coaches at the club ground. It also hosts some matches at the venue.


Bowling has become a popular indoor sport which can be played throughout the year. Plenty of Bowling alleys can be found in the city of Sharjah. Some centres also organize fun competitions for the players.


The locals of Sharjah city are football fans too. The city has two football stadiums namely Al Shaab Club and Sharjah Sports Club, which are used for the national league games, training as well as international matches. Also, plenty of football pitches are situated in the larger parks.



Don’t miss the chance of flying, skydiving, parachuting and Para motoring when you are in Sharjah. The Umm Al Quwain Aero club provides all flying facilities throughout the year. The club also offers sightseeing tours by air and the aircrafts that are available for those activities include micro lights, gliders, Cessnas and a plane for aerobatics.



Enjoy swimming at a public beach or a hotel beach club. Don’t ignore the warning display boards at some beaches as some coastal areas experience localized currents.


Get the wonderful experience of snorkelling in the warm shallow waters of the East Coast. This area is a haven for small fishes and corals. Beware of camouflaged Stone Fish which can be very harmful to you. Some best snorkelling spots include the East Coast, Shark Island, Bay of Khor Fakkan and Snoopy Island opposite the Sandy Beach Motel.


The Sharjah east coast is famous for some of the most impressive scenery in the UAE. Get the chance to watch interesting coral reefs and plenty of tropical fish. Turtles, sharks and moray eels can also be found. Dive sites are situated not far form the coast of Khorfakkan and coastal town of Dibba. Some other popular diving spots are Martini Rock, Shark Island off Khorfakkan, Sandy Beach, Dibba Rock and Lima.

Jet Skiing:

The city has some ideal spots for jet skiing. Experience the thrill of jet skiing at several places that include coastal waters along the Al Khan beach, the lagoons between Sharjah and Dubai, and Hamriya and Umm Al Quwain creeks. Please note there is a restriction for jet skiing at some beaches and lagoons which are strictly for swimmers only.

Formula 1 Powerboat races:

The authorities of the city have been organizing the Formula 1 Powerboat Races since the year 2000. It attracts lots of tourists from all around the world as Sharjah city has proved itself as a pioneer in hosting international events.

Wind Surfing:

The Al Khan Lagoon, Al Khan Beach and the Corniche Beach provide ideal conditions for wind surfing in Sharjah. Also, the wind surfing facilities are provided by some of the seaside hotels.

Water Skiing:

Enjoy water skiing at some wonderful water skiing spots which include the lagoons between Sharjah and Dubai, Hamriya and Umm Al Quwain creeks. These spots provide the perfect conditions for water skiing with the areas suitable for launching boats from the beach. It is important to check weather conditions before you try any water sports.