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Top Cafes in Sharjah for Work, Coffee, and Comfort

Credit: Toa Heftiba/Unsplash

Sharjah’s work-friendly cafés provide the perfect balance of ambience and amenities. From the chic and contemporary cuisine at Fen Café Heart of Sharjah to the 24-hour Gnad Café, these spots are designed to help one stay focused and energized. Here’s a closer look at some of the best cafes in Sharjah that welcome work-from-anywhere enthusiasts with open arms.

Hoof Cafe

Situated in Muwaileh, this horse-themed cafe Hoof Cafe is known for its specialty coffee and delicious desserts like the cinnamon roll and milk cake. It offers a warm and inviting environment, perfect for both working and unwinding. The​ tiny specialty coffee shop is not huge and has just enough room for you to step up your laptop to work. However, the spot is popular due to its great selection of food and coffees, and the friendly vibes of the local owners.

Fen Café Heart of Sharjah

Located inside the Heart of Sharjah complex and developed by Shurooq, the funky Fen Café has been a big hit with residents and tourists alike. Guests will enjoy the menu of healthy food options, which includes the usual teas and coffees. Surrounded by restaurants, art galleries and exhibition spaces, the cafe is ideal for taking a break. You can always stroll around the area for inspiration, visiting a local museum or open-air art installation.

Gnad Cafe

Credit: Geoff Gill/Pixabay

Situated in Muwaileh, Gnad Cafe is open 24 hours, making it a perfect spot for night owls needing a place to work late. It has a spacious interior with outdoor seating options and serves a range of desserts along with coffee. Guests will love to sample some tasty brownies, along with a good cup of coffee, in the backdrop of the cool ambience.

Ratios Coffee

Another spot with a great view, Ratios Coffee is the best of a small group of cafes in the historic Souq Al Shanasiya. There’s plenty of room both inside and outside the café for working professionals who wish to draw out their laptops and work. Coffee lovers will fall in love with the cafe as it offers the most exceptional coffee and tea in Sharjah. The side dishes are equally scrumptious.

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