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Celebrating the New Year Festivities in Sharjah

An Al Noor Mosque
An Al Noor Mosque. Credit: Pexels/Abid Bin Nazar

Sharjah is undoubtedly one of the most historic cities in the United Arab Emirates. Whether you love the ancient city attractions or the beautifully preserved artefacts in the city museums, the options are endless - especially if you are here during Christmas & New Year! Check out how to make the most of the year-end festivities during your time in Sharjah, and have a blast welcoming 2024!

Stroll Away!

If you're an introvert, we've got you covered! Ditch the crowded spots and head to calmer crowds, like visiting a beach, walking around the city, or even booking a lovely hotel spa if that's your vibe. The best way to enjoy the energy of the New Year without feeling anxious is by moving around and still being a part of the crowd - like visiting the Sharjah city marina.

Shop till you Drop

If you love a good deal, don't forget to splurge before the New Year discounts disappear. You can buy everything from luxury designer goods to authentic Emirati textiles & cuisines at a discounted price. From jewellery to dates & perfume, there's a lot you can buy at different price points that suit you. Enjoy shopping!

Book a Private Tour

The best way to experience life as an Emirati is by booking a private sailing tour where you get to enjoy the fireworks experience as you sip away on a cocktail with friends & family. You can also try an evening desert safari to welcome the New Year under the twinkling stars. It's a magical time without the bustling city crowds!

Wine & Dine!

Credit: Piqsels

The way to celebrate the New Year excitement is by pampering yourself with a fine dining experience you won't forget! Book your table at a Michelin-star restaurant and have a meal with a view. There's nothing better than having a delicious meal before getting on your fitness goals as the year begins!

Watch the Fireworks

If you love some excellent fireworks displays, then this is the perfect time to rent a car and head to Dubai for the grand event. Fireworks at the Burj Khalifa are exciting, and they always try to outdo themselves, which is why you need to see it! Take the day to shop at Dubai Mall and then watch the fireworks before driving home. Stay safe!

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